Thursday, February 23, 2012

Klean-Strip Bulldog Adhesion gallon

KleanStrip Bulldog
Klean-Strip Bulldog Adhesion 1 gallon
by Klean-Strip

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Klean-Strip Bulldog VOC Compliant Adhesion Promoter, 1Gallon. This VOC Compliant Adhesion Promoter is designed to meet all California regulations and has the same features and benefits of our current Bulldog Adhesion Promoter. It is a patent-pending, one component formula that promotes adhesion on all types of automotive plastic.
Compliant with California SCAQMD Rule 1151- Adhesion Promoter, effective 1/1/2010
Max VOC Content 540 g/L (4.5 lbs/gal)
Provides superior adhesion
No Waste - Unused product can be poured back into the can
One component formula
Adds flexibility
Fills 320 grit scratches

*Note: ETPO123B Bulldog� Adhesion Promoter 15oz. Aerosol is not affected by Rule 1151, and can still be sold and used in the state of California. Bulldog� Adhesion Promoter (QTPO123, GTPO123) will continue to be available in all areas of the country not subject to these VOC restrictions. GTPO125

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