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AmazonBasics Programmable Digital Tire Gauge

AmazonBasics Programmable
AmazonBasics Programmable Digital Tire Gauge
by AmazonBasics
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AmazonBasics Programmable Digital Tire Gauge

  • Program your vehicle’s recommended tire pressure

  • Fine tune tire pressure with air-bleed function

  • Reach awkward angles with the swivel head

  • Easy-to-read, extra-large backlight display

  • Built-in, white LED flashlight on tip

Dimensions: 6.5" x 1.5" x 1"

Owner's Manual: [PDF]

Warranty: AmazonBasics 1-Year Limited Warranty [PDF]

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The AmazonBasics Programmable Digital Tire Gauge offers a number of useful features to make maintaining your car's tire pressure easy. In addition to a programmable memory for tire pressure settings, the unit features a large, lighted display, built-in flashlight, and a sturdy, zippered case.

Programmable Digital Tire Gauge in sturdy, zippered case
Programmable Digital Tire Gauge in sturdy, zippered case
Check your tire pressure at night with the built-in flashlight
Check your tire pressure at night with the built-in flashlight

Having properly inflated tires can prevent costly accidents. Under-inflated tires run hotter and can lead to tire blowout. Over-inflated tires can lead to the same result. Plus, if your tires are improperly inflated you lose gas mileage--up to one mile per gallon. Avoid lost gas mileage, blowouts, and uneven tire wear with the AmazonBasics Programmable Digital Tire Gauge, and improve your tire life by up to 50%.

Quick, Easy Pressure Monitoring

Checking your tires takes only five minutes. Tires typically lose 1-2 lbs. per month in cool months, more when it’s warm. It’s best to check them once a week, but do it at least every month. The features of the AmazonBasics tire gauge make checking your pressure even easier.

Programmable Pressure Settings

The AmazonBasics tire gauge allows you to set and store your tire manufacturer's recommended settings in its programmable memory. You can select and store PSI or BAR measurements, as well as settings for front and rear tires. Use the gauge to check your tire pressure, and the LCD display will show your current tire pressure next to your target air pressure. The gauge can measure pressure up to 99 PSI.

Air Bleed System

Getting the correct pressure on over-inflated tires is simple with the gauge's air bleed function. Fine tune your air pressure without needing to re-measure by slowly bleeding out air directly through the tire gauge's swivel head until the desired pressure is reached.

Built-In LED Flashlight and Backlit Display

Even in dark conditions, you’ll be able to get the job done. A built in flashlight helps you find the tire valve and the large, bright, backlit LCD display clearly shows the current tire pressure.

Swivel Head

The swivel head of the gauge makes it easier to take pressure readings from hard-to-reach valve stems.

Case Included

The AmazonBasics Programmable Tire Gauge comes with a zipper case, allowing you to safely store your gauge in a glove compartment or trunk when not in use.

Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging

This AmazonBasics product features Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging that is recyclable. It comes without excess packaging materials such as hard plastic clamshell casings, plastic bindings, or wire ties. The packaging is designed to be opened without the use of a box cutter or knife, and it will protect your product just as well as traditional packaging. Products with Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging can frequently be shipped in their own boxes, without an additional shipping box, saving on resources and reducing waste.

Warranty: AmazonBasics 1-Year Limited Warranty [PDF]

Owner's Manual: [PDF]

What’s in the Box?
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How to check your tire pressure
Note: Many factors can contribute to tire wear, tire failure, reduced gas mileage, and ride including how heavy of a load you are carrying, road surface, road conditions, and more.
. Read more

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