Thursday, April 5, 2012

Prestone AS Power Steering Fluid - oz.

Prestone AS260
Prestone AS260 Power Steering Fluid - 12 oz.
by Prestone

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Maintains smooth power steering operation. Helps stop pump squealing, protects seals and helps prevent abnormal wear. Prestone Power Steering Fluid and Power Steering Fluid with Stop Leak meets service requirements of GM, Ford, Chrysler and many global manufacturers. It is compatible with factory fluids and contains several key ingredients to ensure smooth system operation. Anti-wear agents to protect pump components. Antioxidants to prevent sludge formation. Antifoam agents to prevent pump cavitation and steering loss.. Antifoam agents to prevent pump cavitation and steering loss. Corrosion inhibitors to protect metal components. Pour point depressants for good low temperature steering.

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