Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Phoenix Systems (PHOFASCAR--) Brake Fluid Test Strips ( / Tube)

Phoenix Systems
Phoenix Systems (PHOFASCAR-1-100) Brake Fluid Test Strips (100 / Tube)
by Phoenix

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  • Prior to the development of FASCAR technology, brake fluid testing was based on measuring the moisture content
  • The use of moisture measurement technology offers only limited scope of brake fluid conditions
  • FASCAR is not a moisture or PH test, although brake fluid with a high FASCAR rating often has a lowered boiling point
  • Our research has shown that less then 5% of vehicles tested that were over 24 months / 24K miles had a FASCAR rating in excess of 75.
  • The Strip Dip, using FASCAR technology, focuses on the maintenance issues of brake fluid. The FASCAR rating system provides you with an accurate method to "Suggest" or "Recommend" a brake system flush
  • Phoenix system strip dip is cheap insurance.
  • 1 Year Warranty

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