Thursday, March 29, 2012

Power Probe (PP CAMO) Limited Edition Power Probe III Tester with Camouflage Housing

Power Probe
Power Probe (PP 319CAMO) Limited Edition Power Probe III Tester with Camouflage Housing
by Power Probe
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  • Instantly and safely power up, or ground, components with the press of the rocker switch
  • Built in voltmeter reads DC voltage in 1/10 volt increments from 1v-70vdc
  • Perform voltage drop test without having to grab your multimeter
  • 20 ft. cable allows you to power up and ground any circuit from bumper to bumper without the need for jumper leads
  • New easy to read dual polarity indicators - A red (+) indicates positive and a green (-) indicates negative.
The Limited Edition PPRPP319CAMO has all the benefits of the original Power Probe I and Power Probe II. You can power up and ground components, determine polarity instantly without having to flip flop your hook up clips, locate bad grounds, locate shorts, test for continuity, as well as activate relays and components from bumper to bumper without the use of jumper leads. All the features that have made the Power Probe a must for every technician and now with a built in voltmeter! The PPRPP319CAMO features a sleek new ergonomic design for better handling, a built in banana jack to ensure compatibility with our Gold Series Lead set, and a brand new Limited Edition Camouflage housing.

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